North Korea threatens to cancel meeting

[Ya Libnan] - 05/16/2018

WASHINGTON — North Korea is threatening to cancel President Trump’s upcoming nuclear summit with Kim Jong Un because of joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises, though the United States downplayed the sudden uncertainty. North Korea’s Central News Agency also announced it had already canceled (...)


In North Korean newspapers

Rahi meets Hawwat
NNA - Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Rahi on Tuesday met with MP Ziad Hawwat, over an array of (...)
[National News Agency] - 22/05/2018
China, U.S. near deal on ZTE reprieve; Beijing cuts car tariffs
Washington neared a deal to lift its ban on U.S. firms supplying Chinese telecoms gear maker ZTE Corp, sources said (...)
[Daily Star] - 23/05/2018
Dubai’s biggest bank bets $3.2B on Turkey’s wild ride
By most accounts, Dubai’s biggest bank got a good deal when it agreed to buy Turkey’s Denizbank AS for $3.2 (...)
[Daily Star] - 23/05/2018
Banks to back plan to resolve Turkey’s biggest default
Banks that provided a $4.75 billion loan to the owner of Turk Telekomunikasyon AS are backing a proposal that would (...)
[Daily Star] - 23/05/2018
Australian archbishop convicted of child sex abuse cover-up
An Australian archbishop was Tuesday found guilty of covering up child sex abuse in the 1970s — one of the (...)
[Ya Libnan] - 22/05/2018
Bou Assi to FPM: What have you done to limit towering number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon
NNA - Caretaker Minister of Social Affairs, Pierre Bou Assi, held a press conference on Tuesday in which he (...)
[National News Agency] - 22/05/2018
Syrian Kurd traders suffer from twin taxes
Many Kurds in Syria may dream of self-rule, but for business owners in the semi-autonomous region in the country’s (...)
[Daily Star] - 23/05/2018
Aoun and Berri strike a conciliatory note
A new relationship of mutual respect and cooperation between President Michel Aoun and outgoing Speaker Nabih Berri (...)
[Daily Star] - 23/05/2018
Govt. OKs 3-Year Extension for Power Ships as Cost Slashed
The government on Monday approved a three-year extension for the contracts of the Turkish power-generating ships, (...)
[Naharnet] - 22/05/2018
Hospitals in Gaza ‘on verge of collapse’
Hospitals in Gaza are on the verge of collapse and in a worse state than during the 2014 war, and while under siege (...)
[Daily Star] - 23/05/2018
Sony spends $2.3B to own 90 percent of EMI Music
Electronics and entertainment company Sony Corp. said Tuesday it plans to spend $2.3 billion acquiring an (...)
[Daily Star] - 23/05/2018