North Korea and economic ties on agenda as Chinese and Japanese foreign ministers meet in (...)

North Korea and economic ties on agenda as Chinese and Japanese foreign ministers meet in Tokyo

[South China Morning Post] - 04/15/2018

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has begun a visit to Japan described as a major step forward in improving frosty relations, as Tokyo tries to stay involved in a flurry of international diplomacy over North Korea. Wang met his Japanese counterpart Taro Kono for talks that were expected to touch (...)


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Photo: The Great Helmsman, Beijing, by danbec_de
The Great Helmsman, Beijing © josh rudolph for China Digital Times (CDT), get_post_time('Y'). | Permalink | (...)
[China Digital Times] - 26/04/2018
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Law proposed to protect the reputations of heroes
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Hints of major shift in Sino-Indian relations
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