North Korea leader underscores further improvement of relations with South

[] - 02/13/2018


In North Korean newspapers

New Stage in War Close to Armenian Border
The UN Secretary General has stated that an even more blood stage of war starts in Syria killing thousands of (...)
[Lragir] - 12/02/2018
Ara Babloyan to leave for Moscow on a working visit
On February 13-15, the delegation headed by the RA NA President Ara Babloyan will be in Moscow on a working visit. (...)
[Aravot] - 12/02/2018
CoE head to visit Turkey on Feb 15
The Council of Europe’s chief will be arriving in the Turkish capital Ankara on February 15 on a two-day working (...)
[] - 13/02/2018
Minsk Group Co-Chairs Call for Additional Steps to Reduce Tensions
The Co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group visited Stepanakert over the weekend and held meetings with Artsakh President (...)
[Asbarez (Us)] - 13/02/2018
“Stain of denial” campaign raises awareness of Armenian Genocide
The annual protest is called “stain of denial” according to Araz Maleky, president of the Armenian Student (...)
[Panarmenian] - 13/02/2018
Two cases of violations on Armenia-Turkey border in a single day
The Turkish trespassers were later released following negotiations between the border guards of the two (...)
[Panarmenian] - 13/02/2018
Gender pay gap is 5% in Armenia
Women working full time in Armenia are paid 95% of what men are paid on average, data provided by the National (...)
[Panarmenian] - 13/02/2018