Bound and…ungagged? US ready for direct talks with sanctions-bashed N. Korea

[RT] - 02/12/2018

Washington is no longer opposed to the idea of talks with Pyongyang without preconditions, but still favors ramping up sanctions pressure against North Korea until it agrees to relinquish its nuclear arsenal, Mike Pence said. Read Full Article at (...)


In North Korean newspapers

DiCaprio’s Warning Over Record Low Temperatures in Siberia Unfounded, Locals Say
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Olympic Athletes from Russia beat Danish curlers 8-7 in women’s Round Robin Session 9
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Polish Jews say PM’s Holocaust complicity comments ‘cross line of common sense’
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Lebanon ready to confront any ‘Israeli aggression at all costs’ – army
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‘Massive fireball’ lightning strike damages ancient Scottish castle (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
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Setting Winter on Fire at Nikola-Lenivets Art Park
A visitor describes what really happened at the Nikola-Lenivets Art Park this past weekend.
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