Raccoon reaches the summit of Minnesota skyscraper after leading thousands on gripping (...)

Raccoon reaches the summit of Minnesota skyscraper after leading thousands on gripping climb

[South China Morning Post] - 06/13/2018

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un captivated the world on Tuesday morning with a historic summit that seemed to lower the prospect of a devastating global war. Not long after, a Minnesota raccoon captured some of the attention and seemed to raise the prospect of a (...)


In North Korean newspapers

S. Korea, US military drills may be off
South Korea and the United States are expected to announce the suspension of “large-scale” military drills this week, (...)
[Shanghai Daily] - 17/06/2018
Shooting at New Jersey fiesta kills 1, 20 injured
Shooting broke out at an all-night art festival in Trenton, New Jersey, early yesterday, sending people stampeding (...)
[Shanghai Daily] - 17/06/2018
Hong Kong medical centres under fire after selling HPV cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil 9 when they couldn’t get (...)
Hong Kong medical centres are facing accusations of irresponsible trade practices after they sold doses of the (...)
[South China Morning Post] - 18/06/2018
At least five dead after SUV crashes while being chased at 160km/h by US border agents in Texas
At least five people were killed and several others hurt Sunday as an SUV carrying more than a dozen people crashed (...)
[South China Morning Post] - 18/06/2018
Brace for an even bigger bubble in China’s stock markets
Alibaba, Baidu, JD.com, Weibo: they are among the biggest giants of China’s internet. Providing (...)
[South China Morning Post] - 18/06/2018
Deadly rush hour earthquake in Osaka, Japan halts trains and sets off fires
A nine-year-old girl was killed and one other person feared dead after a strong quake rocked Japan’s (...)
[South China Morning Post] - 18/06/2018
France, Germany close to eurozone pact
Paris and Berlin are very close to an agreement on eurozone reform after months of divisions, French Finance (...)
[Shanghai Daily] - 17/06/2018
Moscow taxi driver ploughs into crowd, hurting 8 including two Mexican soccer fans, ‘after falling asleep’
A taxi driver in Moscow fell asleep at the wheel on Saturday, smashing into two Mexican soccer fans and six other (...)
[South China Morning Post] - 17/06/2018
From China to Central Asia, a regional security bloc’s long, slow march towards an alternative world order
While the world was captivated this week by the globetrotting show of US President Donald Trump, another summit (...)
[South China Morning Post] - 18/06/2018
Chinese traditional therapy gets ageing Beijing Zoo orangutan back on its feet
A Beijing zookeeper is hoping to expand the use of traditional Chinese massage to wildlife in other parts of the (...)
[South China Morning Post] - 17/06/2018
Mount Everest is world’s highest rubbish dump
Decades of commercial mountaineering have turned Mount Everest, known as Mount Qomolangma in China, into the (...)
[Shanghai Daily] - 17/06/2018